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3 Core Exercises You Aren’t Doing (but should be!) 💪🏻Fit Fridays!💪🏻

TGIF y’all! Welcome to my second Fit Friday Series. Today I’m excited to share with you some of my favorite core exercises.

Your core is more than just your 6 pack! There are several muscle groups that line the whole inside of our abdominal cavity which we call our ‘trunk, or ‘core’. Check it….

So, when we’re working our core we want to make sure we’re targeting each area. Even if you can’t see your abs (not that you necessarily should!) Trust me, they’re in there! Having a strong core is about way more than just looks. Want to lift more, run faster, improve your posture, and prevent injuries? Core strength is where it’s at!

So, here are some new moves to Add to your next workout!

(Safety first! If you have lower back pain or any recent injuries check with a physiotherapist before giving these a go!)

1. Bird Dog Crunches

I love this exercise because it hits so many different muscle groups. Your lower back and glutes (your butt muscles) are working to raise your leg. Your shoulder and triceps are holding your upper body stable in the table top position, and of course your core is working to not only stabilize you, but complete the twisting and crunching motion as you bring your elbow and knee together. Work up to doing a set of 15 on each side, and remember- SLOWER IS BETTER on this one. You’ll get way more out of this exercise if you take your time.

2. V-sit Bicycle Crunches

This move is slightly more advanced than a simple v-sit or v-crunch. It incorporates an element of balance as you try to stabilize while moving your legs independently. I’m demonstrating while holding a 10lb Dumbbell, but if you’re a beginner, you can do this with no extra weight, and even put your hands on the floor behind you for support. Again, slower is better, and remember to breathe! Work up to doing a set of 15 per leg. If that is easy for you, it’s time to add some more weight!

3. Supine Leg Raise

This is a pretty well-known move, but the majority of people don’t know how to do it correctly! You should not be putting your hands under your butt while you do this exercise. Here I’m demonstrating a beginner version where my knees are bent. If you cannot keep your back flat on the ground, this is what you should be doing instead of putting your hands underneath you. The more bent your knees are, the easier this is to do. My feet are pointed, and I’m touching my heels to the ground with each rep. Breathe out as you pull your legs up. If you can complete at set of 15 reps with good form, try straightening your legs just a bit.

Happy Training everyone! 💪🏼😁