Do You Sit At Work All Day? Why A Standing Desk May Be Your Solution

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Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle, but are stuck at a desk job? Read on to find out how a standing desk can improve your health and wellbeing!

This article was developed in a sponsored partnership with AnthroDesk, however all opinions are my own. For more information about AnthroDesk and their line of products you can check out their line of products and office solutions by clicking here.

 It’s No Secret

Most of us spend too much time sitting. In fact, recent media attention on this subject has even deemed that “sitting is the new smoking” in regard to how harmful it is for our health. A sedentary lifestyle increases our risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, and may be linked to some types of cancers as well. On the flip side, more daily physical activity has been associated with a decreased risk of chronic disease.

What’s so wrong with sitting?

Our bodies were made to move! Like most animals we evolved to be mobile, having to be on-the-go in order to survive. The modern conveniences of today have taken away much of our necessity to stay active. When we’re inactive our muscles, bones, heart, circulation, and even our mental health can all suffer. Physically, being in a seated position for too long, day after day can lead to many things; tight or weak muscles, poor posture, and issues like chronic lower back and neck pain.

Our bodies were made to move! Being sedentary can lead to chronic lower back and neck pain, poor posture, and increase our risk of hip and knee injuries

So, exercise is good and we should get more of it. We know we should limit our screen time and exercise for at least 30 minutes everyday, but some studies show that it isn’t enough. Spending only 30-60 minutes out of our entire day being active does not offset an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. We need to incorporate more movement into the rest of our daily lives.

Now, that can be very problematic for the large number of us who have desk jobs, spending all or most of our day in front of a computer screen or on the phone. We want to be healthy too!

Many of my clients have jobs that require a lot of sitting. They often complain of “bad backs”, sore knees, tight hips, and an increase in weight over years of being sedentary at work. They may exercise a few days per week, but often struggle with fitting more movement into their daily lives.

Getting 30-60 minutes of daily exercise may not be enough to offset the negative impacts of having a sedentary job

So, what can we do about it?

Since most of us can’t change the fact that our jobs require a lot of sitting, AnthroDesk has a great solution. A standing desk allows you to stay productive at work, and reap the benefits of less time sitting. The added bonus is that some of their desks (like the one pictured below) are specifically designed to sit on top of your existing desk. They are adjustable with the simple touch of a button. Meaning you can alternate between standing and sitting throughout your work day for the best of both worlds!

I had the opportunity to try a standing desk for myself while writing this article, and I certainly noticed a difference right away in my posture and positioning while working. The ability to adjust the height of my standing desk to meet my taller-than-average frame was perfect!


The Benefits of Having a Standing Desk:

Already have a desk at work? No worries! AnthroDesk has created the ErgoConvert (pictured) as a simple way to turn your existing desk into a sit/stand convertible desk! You can check it out by clicking the link here

Standing Desks Give You Energy

Feeling that afternoon slump? Getting out of your chair and onto your feet is a great way to boost your energy levels without needing an extra cup of coffee. Studies have shown that workers using standing desks instead of doing their work seated report improved energy levels throughout the day, as well as better mood and lowered stress levels. Sounds like a win/win to me!

A sedentary lifestyle has been associated with increased risk of anxiety and depression. An increase in physical activity can help reduce mild depression and anxiety, as well as reduce stress. You can read more about the link between mental health and physical activity here and here

Standing Desks Improve Posture

Sitting all day can wreak havoc on our joints and muscles. When we’re seated (especially with poor positioning), our upper back and shoulders tend to curve in toward the front of our bodies, and our upper spine becomes rounded. This position puts significant strain on our lower backs. It makes those muscles responsible for holding our body weight, rather than our abdominal muscles which are used when we sit with good posture. It can be easy to stand with poor posture as well. But standing desks (ie. AnthroDesks) allow you to personalize the height of your desk so that it is perfect for you! Say goodbye to lower back pain from sitting all day- Research has shown that workers who switch to a standing desk can reduce lower back pain by up to 54%.

I can speak to this one personally. Prior to receiving my standing desk my posture was terrible while doing seated work. My desk was several inches lower than ideal for my height and after even a short time working at my computer I would notice discomfort starting in my back and core. The AnthroDesk solves this problem by allowing me to adjust the height of my computer right where I need it, whether I’m sitting or standing. My back feels so much better!  

Standing Dests Boost Productivity

Research has shown a benefit in productivity at work for employees who stand vs those who sit. When we’re on our feet we have a boost in energy, and that has a positive impact on how much work we can get done. Workers AND employers can benefit from using standing desks.

Standing Desks Burns Calories

It’s true! A study conducted on office workers looking at the benefits of standing vs seated work showed that the standing workers burned an average of 174 calories more in an afternoon of standing compared to those who were seated. It might not seem like a whole lot, but if over the course of a day you could burn an extra 350 calories, at 5 days per week is an additional 1700 calories per week. Just by standing instead of sitting!

Reduces Risk of Chronic Disease

Studies show that people who spend the most time sitting have a higher risk of chronic disease (heart disease, type 2 diabetes), and early death when compared to people who spend the least time sitting. Since spending more time on our feet vs sitting leads to an increase in energy expenditure (meaning we burn more calories as we work) this is one way we can improve markers of health such as blood sugar levels or waist circumference.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to living a healthier lifestyle, small changes really do add up! We don’t need to quit our jobs or start running laps around the office every hour in the name of better health. Simply switching to a standing desk (or a sit-stand desk that adjusts to any height with the push of a button) can make a huge impact on our health, both mentally and physically.

Want to keep ready? Check out my Healthy Living Checklist for a simple approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

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