The 1-Minute Squat Challenge

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How many squats can you do in one minute?

Welcome to part 3 of my at-home fitness challenges! This week we’re taking on the lower body with my 1-minute squat challenge. This fitness test is uber-simple, takes only one minute to complete, and is a great tool to regularly assess your lower body strength.

Squats are one of the most functional movements around. We squat dozens of times per day without even realizing it- everything from sitting down to the dinner table, getting in and out of our office chair, and even on and off the toilet! You may not be able to squat very low, but if you manage to go to the bathroom on your own you definitely can squat!

So, see how your squat game measures up and take my 1-minute squat challenge today!

The 1-Minute Squat Challenge

What you need:

  • A stopwatch or timer
  • A chair or other stable surface about the same height as your knees

Here’s how to do it:

If you’re a beginner, complete your test with a chair or stable surface behind you so you know how low to go. In the video I’ve used a box a little lower than my knee height to make it a bit more challenging, but the standard height is at about your knees. If you’re already an experienced squatter you can do yours free-standing, but make sure over the course of the test your form and depth stays consistent.

1. Set your timer for 1 minute and start squatting! Make sure you complete each repetition with good form, just touching the box with your backside each time (don’t fully sit down on the box!). Go at your own pace, taking rests as you need to.

2. Count how many squats you can complete in the 1-minute interval. See my video demonstration below!

3. Compare your results to the chart below!

1-minute squat test for women
Squat Test Target for Men
1-minute squat test for men
Squat Test Targets for Women

4. Keep track of your results and progress! Complete squats as part of your regular strength training routine and you’ll be setting new personal records in no time!

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About the Author: Stephanie Hnatiuk is a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer who specializes in helping athletes reach their peak potential with nutrition.

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