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25 Gift Ideas for Runners

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Need a holiday gift for that runner in your life? Well, you’ve come to the right place! From one runner to another I’ve compiled a list of gift ideas that any runner is sure to love.

Whether it’s a practical gift that will help improve their running or something to just help them run in style, I want to help you find the perfect gift for the holiday season (or any occasion for that matter!). Great gifts for runners can range in price from stocking-stuffer size all the way up to a few hundred bucks. On this list you’ll also find some great custom gift ideas!

So, here is my 2021 gift guide for runners!

1. High-quality athletic socks

Everyone could use more socks, but let’s face it no one likes to go buy them.  It’s a classic Christmas gift that will keep the runner in your life blister-free!

Smartwool Women’s PhD® Run Light Elite Micro Sock

2. A Foam roller

Those with tight muscles (AKA every runner), will absolutely thank you!

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

3. A Massage gun

The perfect way to target and stimulate those hard to reach sore muscles. These massage guns are newer to the market but are a life-saver for hard to reach tight spots. This is a great gift for a runner who needs serious recovery!

Theragun Elite Smart Percussive Therapy Device

4. A high-power blender

For the runner who loves making a post workout smoothie, and needs some serious power to blend up all that frozen fruit and ice!

Ninja Professional Blender

5. A race bib and medal display

A perfect gift for the runner who loves to race and show off the results of all their hard work!

BibFolio Race Bib and Medal Display

6. Phone armband

For the runner who likes to take their phone with them everywhere they go, but doesn’t want any extra weight or bulk.

Nathan Super 5K Smartphone Armband – Unisex

7. A GPS watch

A good way to help the runner in your life record their runs and also keep track of all the stats like mileage, pace, and cadence.

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS Watch

8. Sweatproof wireless earbuds

Water resistant headphones are a must if you love to listen to podcasts and music on your runs. The latest in truly wireless headphone tech provides amazing sound quality, and the ability to listen with just one earbud for safety. And, no more annoying cables!

JBL Endurance Peak II Waterproof True Wireless Sport In-Ear Headphones

9. Lock Laces

This is a great gift for a runner who likes to head out on wet or muddy trails. No more slippery, wet laces that won’t stay tied!

Lock Laces

10. Body Glide

This might seem an odd gift (for a non-runner), but if you know, you know. Body Glide (or any brand of anti-chafing balm) is the perfect stocking stuffer for any runner!

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm 42g

11. Fanny pack or waist band

For the runner who has too many things to carry – their keys, phone, money, gels – don’t worry. They can alllll fit into a fanny pack. But, these aren’t your mom’s fanny packs! Instead these modern versions offer sleek designs with plenty of storage space.

Lululemon Fast and Free Run Belt

12. Running hat or visor

Perfect for providing some shade and keeping the sun out of your eyes. A running hat with a large or adjustable high-placed opening also allows for any variety of hairstyles to easily fit.

New Balance Impact Running Visor
Under Armour Hat with Large Back Opening

13. Slip proof sunglasses

Keep your runner’s eyes safe when running on sunny days. And these are sure to stay in place when you start sweating. Because nothing is more annoying than having to constantly adjust your sunglasses!

Smith Optics Parallel Max 2 Carbonic Polarized Sunglasses

14. Anti-slip silicone nose pads for glasses

Our fellow glasses wearers know the feeling. Let’s prevent those glasses from bouncing around or falling off while running!

Anti-slip Silicone Nose Pad for Glasses

15. Long sleeve or running jacket

The perfect gift for a runner who heads outside no matter the weather! And, you can never have too much stylish running gear

Ron Hill Women’s Stride Hybrid Jacket

16. A good pair of running tights (that don’t fall down!)

No one wants leggings that feel like they’re falling down when they’re running or are way too tight and feel like they’re cutting off circulation. Some high-quality tights made from light but stretchy fabric is perfect for running indoors or out!

Saucony Women’s Fortify Tight

17. Gloves with fold over mittens

Protect your hands from the winter weather with gloves that fold over into mittens! These mitts/gloves are perfect for keeping you warm, but allow you to use your hands when needed.

Ron Hill Unisex Wind Block Flip Glove

18. A supportive sports bra

Give your runner the…support they need with a high quality sports bra. Plus, we all know runners take way too long to replace these on their own!

Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

19. Re-stock their Energy gels or electrolyte tablets

Another great small gift or stocking stuffer for your favorite runner! A supply of their go-to fuel or favorite electrolyte replacement.

Nuun Electrolyte Drink Tablets
GU Salted Caramel Gel

20. Custom Marathon photo frame

A gorgeous way for the runner in your life to show off their race photos!

Marathon Photo Frame

21. Hydration backpack

For the runner who goes long distances, carrying a water bottle can be heavy and annoying. But, we all know staying hydrated is necessary. A hydration backpack is a great gift for runners to help them bring more fluids on their runs!

These hydration packs also often contain extra pockets for fuel, phone, and house keys – bonus!

Nathan Quickstart Plus 6L Race Vest

22. Running Journal

A perfect gift for a runner who loves to track their training and reflect on their running journey!

365 Day Running Journal

23. Weight set

For the runner who also likes to strength train. Or needs to strength train, which is all runners! These modular dumbbells are a great gift for a runner who’s short on space. No need for a full weight set, these adjustable dumbbells can be switched around make anything from 5lbs-40lbs!

Cap Barbell Dumbbell Weights Set, 40-lb

24. Reflective gear

It’s starting to get darker a lot earlier these days. Safety is always important, especially when running at night! Reflective clothing and accessories are great gift ideas for runners who head out early in the morning or late at night.

Brooks Women’s Carbonite Tight

25. A massage gift card

Many runners are guilty of neglecting their recovery and self care. Get your runner a massage to remind them to take the time to relax!