Will a low carb diet improve athletic performance

Can a Low-Carb Diet Make You a Better Athlete?

Sport Nutrition

Will a low carbohydrate diet improve your athletic performance?

As athletes, many of us are willing to try just about anything if it means shaving a few minutes off our PRs. Whether it’s a new supplement, a new training program, or a new diet altogether if a technique promises performance enhancement, athletes are sure to be interested.

Nutrition for Athletes: What Matters Most When it Comes to Sport Nutrition?

Sport Nutrition

Nutrition for Athletes: what matters most when it comes to sport nutrition? Athletes have a lot to juggle! Between practices, competitions, extra strength training, plus the work/school/family realities of life, it can be tough to balance it all. When it comes to nutrition for athletes, it can sometimes seem just as complicated. Calories, macros, supplements, meal timing, etc. It’s a lot to think about and sometimes it can seem overwhelming. But today I’m going to help make it a little easier!

Could Intermittent Fasting Unlock Your Athletic Performance Potential?

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Intermittent fasting (IF) has quickly become one of the most popular dietary trends of our modern age. I don’t meet many new clients who haven’t given IF a try, or are at least curious about it! But with all the supposed benefits we read about online, is it a worthwhile strategy for athletes? Will incorporating intermittent fasting into your nutrition strategy unlock your peak athletic performance?

Want to Eat Like an Athlete? Don’t Make these Fueling Mistakes!

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Want to eat like and athlete? If you’re looking to optimize your performance, avoid these 3 nutrition missteps!

As an athlete, I’ve made my fair share of fueling mistakes. I’ve under-fueled (hello, hitting the wall!), over-fueled (hello, running to the bathroom instead of on the track!), and just plain gotten it wrong. And all of the athletes I work with have made mistakes as well! So, if you’ve struggled along the way you’re not alone. The good news is, I’ve come a long way and with a little trial and error have been able to optimize my nutrition plan and start beating my PRs. And you can too! Today I’m sharing the 4 most common nutrition mistakes I see athletes make, and what you can do to avoid them!

6 signs you might be underfueling for your sport

6 Signs You Might Be Underfueling for Your Sport

Nutrition and Diet, Sport Nutrition

If there’s one thing athlete’s need to do, it’s get enough fuel to perform their best. Here are 6 signs you might be underfueling for your sport, and what to do about it!

‘Fuel’ is a term you’ll often see used when reading about performance nutrition. But what exactly does it mean and why can “underfueling” be such a problem for athletes?

The Quarantine 15? Should You be Concerned About Weight Gain During COVID-19?

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In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve all had to learn a lot of new terminology. Things like ‘flattening the curve’, ‘PPE’, or ‘ARDS’. But have you heard of the ‘Quarantine-15?’

In case you’re wondering what the heck it’s all about, the Quarantine-15 is a little play on words on the “Freshman-15”, a joke made about the common experience of weight gain in someone’s first year of University or College. In this case, the ‘Quarantine-15’ is referring to weight gain while self-isolating at home, whether it’s from all that homemade baking, or the fact that almost all of our physical activities are on hold. And some people are pissed about it.

Home Workout Hacks: How to Make Your Very Own Weights

Fitness and Workouts

When I found out that my gym would be shutting down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was pretty crushed. I know many of you were too. Physical activity is an important coping mechanism for stress for many of us, and almost no matter who you are right now these are some STRESSFUL times. Whether you’re an essential worker, working from home while looking after the kids, or have been laid off from work we’re all facing some sort of challenge. Home workouts may now be the new norm.

Everything You Need to Know About Protein Shakes

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“Should I be drinking protein shakes?” If there’s one question I hear more than any other as a Dietitian, this has gotta be it. Protein supplements (shakes, powders, bars) are the most commonly used products on the market. I mean, everyone and their grandma has got protein powder in their kitchen! Today, we’re talking all about protein supplements in general, and who they might be right for. And, I also taste tested some different store-bought protein shakes to find one which one is the best. So if you are in the market for a little extra protein in your day, I’ve got you covered!

Global News Segment: Getting Kids in The Kitchen

Nutrition and Diet

In case you missed it! This morning I made an appearance (via skype of course) on Global News Winnipeg to talk about Nutrition Month, and how some of the key messages in this year’s “More Than Food” theme are still relevant despite the huge changes most of us have encountered in our day to day lives. I’ve also shared one of my favorite recipe apps to help you with your weekly meal plan that you’ll hopefully continue to love long after we’re no longer self-isolating. Getting kids in the kitchen is an incredible way to get everyone involved and spend some quality time together!