Nutrigenomic (DNA) Testing

The vast majority of human DNA is the same from person to person, about 99%. But that 1% difference is what makes you, you!

Did you know your genes play an important role in how your body uses the food you eat?

Did you know that some people may need more or less of a nutrient than others in order to stay healthy?

Did you know that some people respond to exercise differently than others, allowing them to become more fit with less training?

Did you know caffeine might be good for some of us, but may actually be harmful to others?

It’s true!

Nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction between nutrition and our genes. Our unique genetic makeup dictates many parts of who we are- things like our hair color, height, or whether we have freckles. Now we know our genes can also tell us a lot about our best diet.

How much of certain vitamins or minerals you need, how much protein and fat to eat, and even whether or not you should be drinking coffee is all available via nutrigenomic testing.

And it’s all done with a simple, noninvasive saliva test.

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