Stephanie Hnatiuk Performance Nutrition

Winnipeg Sport Dietitian

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Hello! I’m Steph the Sport Dietitian. I’m one part foodie, one part fitness junkie!

Here’s a little more about me and what I can do for you as your performance nutrition coach!

My name is Stephanie Hnatiuk, and I’m a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba who specializes in performance nutrition for athletes of all levels. I’m also a runner and love the half marathon distance! I love to lift weights, hike, and fit in yoga where I can. As both a nutrition and fitness expert I have the skills and knowledge you need to take your athletic performance to the next level!

Working with me you’ll learn:

  • How to time your meals and snacks around your training program to get the most out of your workouts
  • How to best nourish your body for your unique training demands
  • Which foods to eat and how much fuel your body needs to function at its best
  • How to adapt and modify your nutrition as your training program changes throughout the year
  • Which nutrition supplements can help support your health and performance

I know that as an athlete you may have additional health or nutrition concerns outside of your sport or activity, so I’m here to help! In addition to specializing in performance nutrition for athletes, I can also provide nutrition coaching for:

  • Gut health and digestive disorders (IBS, celiac disease, IBD)
  • Improving your relationship with food and your body (mindful and intuitive eating)
  • Pre and postnatal nutrition and fitness counseling (for active mommas and mommas to be!)
  • Chronic disease management (I’m also certified as a diabetes educator)
  • Nutrigenomics (the relationship between nutrition and your unique genetic makeup. For more information click here!)

Ready to apply for a spot in my one-on-one nutrition coaching program? Click here!

And, while you’re here, check out my FREE sample meal plans for athletes!

*Please note formation in my blog is for information purposes only and is not meant to be taken as personalized nutrition advice. Please consult with your healthcare professional to determine if any of the information provided is appropriate for you*