The Fuel Train Recover Program

Are you ready to figure out this nutrition and fitness stuff once and for all?

Are you feeling confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by all of the diet and running advice you read online? Do you often feel like the hard work you’re putting into your training and your eating just isn’t being reflected in your running quality or body composition? 

If you feel like something just isn’t adding up, I hear you. 

If you’ve tried keto, intermittent fasting, WW, and every other diet known to man but still haven’t gotten the results you want, you’re not alone. 

As a runner myself, I’ve made every mistake in the book and felt that same frustration when trying to find reliable running information online. Everything out there seemed to be written by elite athletes or Olympic coaches who would probably laugh out loud if they saw my race times.

Because of this I’ve under-fueled for my runs many times. I’ve over-trained, under-trained, hit the wall, and bought the WRONG shoes. I’ve also struggled with finding the right balance of eating and training so I can reach my performance goals and body composition goals at the same time.

I don’t want to have to choose, and neither should you!

As many mistakes as I’ve made, along the way I’ve also learned. Learned how to fuel, train, and recover so I can beat my PRs without having to sacrifice the things I really love in life. Like pizza, or desserts!

My Fuel, Train, Recover Program is right for you if:

  • – You’re tired of fad diets, expensive supplements, and quick fix strategies that get you nowhere in the long run (pardon the pun!)
  • – You want running to feel GOOD again. You want to feel energized, motivated, and excited about running
  • – You really want to be the best runner you can be, without having to sacrifice the foods you really love

“But Steph”, some of you might say “I’m not really a runner. I’m too slow/too new/only do 5K’s”. 

Guess what my friend? If you run, you’re a runner! It doesn’t matter how fast you are, how experienced you are, or how many miles you put in. The point is, you RUN.

And because you run, you need a strategy!

The FTR Method

Becoming a better runner is a 3-step process. This isn’t just for professional athletes either! Runners of all levels, from newbie to seasoned will get BETTER results by cutting all the BS and focusing in on the things that really matter.

FTR is my 3-step strategy for becoming a better runner. FTR stands for Fuel, Train, Recover and these are the 3 things that you need to nail if you want to run faster, improve your body composition, and LOVE running again!

Fuel Train Recover by Stephanie Hnatiuk

With my program you’ll learn how to eat properly to fuel your runs, and races, and for optimal body composition. How to train smarter so you can get better results in less time. You’ll also learn how to optimize your exercise recovery so you can avoid annoying injuries that set you back.

With these 3 steps you’ll be crushing your PRs like you never thought possible, and LOVING IT.

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Coaching Services

FTR One on One

12- Week Signature Package $1200 ($400/month)

  • A 3-month nutrition coaching program that teaches you how to Fuel, Train, and Recover so you can finish your races faster and avoid injuries!
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability support
  • Receive personalized meal plans, training programs, and unlimited email/text support

FTR Strategy Session

90 minutes $250

  • Get answers to your performance-related questions and solutions to your performance problems!
  • Learn how to apply my FTR framework to your training and eating strategy so you can hit your performance goals
  • A one-time 90-minute strategy session to get you on the right track!

Gift cards are now available and can be used toward any of my services!

Additional Services

Nutrigenomix (a nutrition and fitness focused DNA test) $535.00

  • Includes DNA test and personalized nutrition coaching session based on your test results.
  • Read more about the interaction between nutrition and your genes and how it can help you reach your full athletic potential!

InBody Body Composition Analysis $89.00

  • The InBody body composition analyzer uses BIA (bioelectrical impedance) to estimate your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and visceral fat mass.
  • Keep track of your progress beyond the number on the scale!