Garmin Coach Review

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Garmin Coach: A Pro Running Coach on Your Wrist?

A few months ago I was playing around with my Garmin Connect app, and found their Garmin Coach platform. This offering through the Garmin Connect app describes itself as “Having a pro running coach on your wrist”. With it, you can set a race goal, whether to just complete your race or finish with a specific time goal. From there it creates a running program to get you to your goal. This includes a weekly schedule different types of training runs, suggestions for pace, and additional content in the form of written articles and videos.

Easy Running

Easy Running: Why You Need to Run Slow if You Want to Run Fast

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Easy running is a critical but often overlooked part of becoming a stronger, faster runner. And, to be fair it isn’t hard to understand why. It doesn’t make a lot of logical sense that running SLOWER allows us to eventually become FASTER at running. Practice usually makes perfect, right? So, shouldn’t we practice running fast if we want to get better at running fast?

5 Winter Running Tips (That’ll Make You Love Winter Running)

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Winter running. You either love it or you hate it! I’ve met many runners who simply can’t stand treadmill running, and it’s outdoors or nothing no matter the weather. Unfortunately for many fair-weather runners who prefer the treadmill to the snow, 2020 has handed us gym closures, and group workout cancellations.

So, what’s a runner to do? Take it outside!

how to become a morning person

How to Become a Morning Person (in 3 Steps!)

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Have you ever wondered how you can become a morning person? Do you glare enviously at people who seem to check 10 things off their to-do list before you’re even out of bed? Have you got an assortment of “but first, coffee” themed mugs? Do you seriously struggle with fitting in regular workouts, and know that it would be so much easier if you could just squeeze training into your am routine?

If so, keep reading!

3 tips for staying fit this fall

3 Tips for Staying Fit this Fall

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Tips for staying fit this fall

We can all agree this year has certainly been…different. Many of us have faced huge changes to our normal fitness routine, and those changes are here to stay. The big group bootcamp classes we loved are no more, and all those miles we ran over the summer is starting to become a challenge with cooler weather and shorter days. But for many, a slower pace of life actually freed up time for fitness like never before, and we want to keep that momentum going!

The Quarantine 15? Should You be Concerned About Weight Gain During COVID-19?

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In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve all had to learn a lot of new terminology. Things like ‘flattening the curve’, ‘PPE’, or ‘ARDS’. But have you heard of the ‘Quarantine-15?’

In case you’re wondering what the heck it’s all about, the Quarantine-15 is a little play on words on the “Freshman-15”, a joke made about the common experience of weight gain in someone’s first year of University or College. In this case, the ‘Quarantine-15’ is referring to weight gain while self-isolating at home, whether it’s from all that homemade baking, or the fact that almost all of our physical activities are on hold. And some people are pissed about it.

Home Workout Hacks: How to Make Your Very Own Weights

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When I found out that my gym would be shutting down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was pretty crushed. I know many of you were too. Physical activity is an important coping mechanism for stress for many of us, and almost no matter who you are right now these are some STRESSFUL times. Whether you’re an essential worker, working from home while looking after the kids, or have been laid off from work we’re all facing some sort of challenge. Home workouts may now be the new norm.